When you want the very best

Our story started with the upcoming birth of my first grandchild in 2005 and the difficulty finding large, square receiving blankets. I discovered that I loved making baby items and decided to focus my efforts on helping parents create healthier nurseries, which I believe, will result in healthier babies.

My goal originally was to offer organic cotton but I had difficulty sourcing fabric. Now, however, we have a wonderful supplier of beautiful, certified organic cotton flannel and we are proud to offer this line to help parents create healthy environments for their babies. 
It is known that children are up to 17 times more sensitive to pollutants than adults.  This is "our why" for selecting cotton as our main fabric for all of our products, and certified organic cotton for our products for babies.

Over the last four years, we have also added a line of doll clothing and accessories suitable for 18-inch girl and boy dolls similar to American Girl. We also include some organic cotton doll clothing listings for those such as myself, who are very sensitive to chemicals. 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, in 2020 we changed focus and started producing a variety of cotton face masks in sizes extra small (child) to XXL (adult) - six sizes, as well as mask pouches and lanyards, in an effort to help people stay as safe as possible. If you have special needs for a different style of mask, please let us know.

Enjoy our products and we welcome your feedback.

Elizabeth Hare

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